Holsters: A Safe Way to Bring Your Gun

It’s actually unsafe to bring or put a gun anywhere without a holster. The gun itself is already dangerous, so you need special care when you have one. Keep reading to get more general information about holsters.
The functions of holsters
There are several risks if you just bring a gun without any protections. There’s a high chance of your gun to be stolen, or your movement triggers the firearm that you end up shooting yourself or others. That’s why for your own safety, a good holster is needed. There are 3 important functions of a holster.
1.It secures your gun to stay at its place.
2.It protects the trigger from contact with any objects, so you can avoid accidental discharge.
3.It must be easy to draw with one hand, especially if you are under pressure.

Type of holsters
Holsters come in many types and forms, and you can wear it or install it to your vehicle. Handgun holsters usually use stiff yet tough materials, mostly leather. Meanwhile, vehicle holsters use a more solid material, such as molded utility grade plastic.

Handgun holsters
Handgun holsters are placed on your body to protect your gun while you’re doing your activities. Mostly, the holsters are attached to a belt or waistband. But to put it on other locations are also possible. The point is that you can reach your gun immediately from the holster when you need it the most. Below are several ways to wear a handgun holster.
1. Outside the waistband
2. Inside the waistband
3. Below waistband
4. On the ankle
5. On the sidearm of the leg

Vehicle holsters
When you’re driving, it might be uncomfortable to have a holster on your waist while sitting. Don’t worry, you can install a pistol hostler for trucks, cars, or any other vehicles you have. Here are several ways to install a holster in your vehicle.
1. Drilling the dashboard to mount your holsters under the steer
2. Mounting your holster to the inside of the seat
3. Placing magnet holsters for temporary use

Now that you have information about holsters, it’s time to search for one. No matter which one you will get – the handgun holsters or the vehicle holsters – make sure that the holsters you like are qualified and can fulfill its functions.