Snipers rifle

Snipers rifle is a rifle which is meant to hit long distance targets and to be accurate and exact in the same time. It is used by a sniper either a soldier, hunter or a policeman. It usually comes with a telescopic sight, tripod and match grade. Because of the need in accuracy these rifles are manufactured and constructed in a very special way and that it is why they are more expansive than other rifles. Usually these rifles include a long and heavy barrel in order to make it more stable and accurate.

Many times they are using a floating barrel which is connected to the rifle only in one point in order to minimize the movements of the barrel as a result of the shaking of the snipers hands or the recoil of the rifle.  In general every rifle can be used as a sniper rifle when it has a tripod and the proper sight. But most of the rifles are not accurate enough. Historically there were two origins to the snipers rifle: military service rifles which were more accurate and were used together with a telescopic sight and hunting rifles, not shotguns, but accurate rifles that were less likely to survive military use and conditions. In the beginning of the twentieth first century we might have the most accurate rifle ever. We even have rifles that are modular and can be constructed from parts just like Lego.  These rifles have different calibers and different ammunition according to the required task at hand.