Telescopic sight

Telescopic sight is an optic sight which is meant to help shooting for long distance through the enlargement of the goal and help with making ballistic shooting calculations. The sight usually include the body with a system of lenses one from which the object is being viewed, in it there is an upside down image of the object and that is why there is a reversing lens behind it. The eyepiece which is the closest part to the eye of the shooter which through it he watched the telescopic sight. And some kind of measuring part to give estimation of the range and to take into consideration the wind or a moving target and also to help capture the sun rays in a way that it won’t create a Parallax.

Other parts are the leveraging drum and the siding drum which allow collaborating the sight also some filters to fight fog or glare a part that helps with shadowing and more.  We can generally divide sights into two main types: short range sights which you usually use with machine guns or assault rifles that can magnify the object by two or four. Maybe one of the most popular and famous ones are the Trijicon. These sights are good for 250-500 meters and are obviously not for snipers. For snipers there are the long range sights. These sights have possibility of magnitude which is much much greater for a distance range of 300 meters and above. These sights usually have a Camouflage option and they give the shooter ballistic information which is crucial for these ranges.  Some of the famous ones here are the Leopold Mark 4 3M that can multiply the object by ten and also the Mark 6 that can reach a magnitude of 18 times ate max.