The best glock handguns in the market

The Best Glock handguns: Looking for perfection!


This model look so bad ass and ready for action! It comes with 17 rounds which is amazing, is slim and not heavy. It also comes with a nice coating so that it stops corrosion successfully. Personally this is one of my favorite guns just looking by the look and it doesn´t stop there but in actual usage seems great: precise, slim, and powerful. Totally recommended.

G45 MOS:

I really like this optics ready model, it helps you exactly choose your target carefully and it improves the view when you use it at night. It has a honestly impressive accuracy and it´s slim and non-heavy as usual for the GLOCK models. One of my favorites without a doubt.

G26 Cut:

This firearm is (sadly) only allowed for law enforcement, so we can´t buy it unless that´s the case.

This is by far the most little handgun of all the models. The size of the round magazine may vary it says so it´s not specified, but we can guess it would normally have around 5-10 bullet since it´s fairly small.

The look of this gun looks so sharp and amazing!

G43X Silver:

A slim model with a nice-looking silver colored handgun that allows us to carry on 10 rounds! In such a little model! Amazing. Not only that but the accuracy and the fitting for all hand sizes makes this gun stand out over the rest, makes it perfect for everyone.

G29 Gen4:

This is, once again, a slim handgun with a nice looking grey colored design and it comes ready for 10 mm rounds which will make it feel as powerful as a Magnum handgun! The grip is great to the point that if you are wearing gloves, you will still be able to successfully handle the pistol recoil without much hassle!